What we do

We provide dog food, collars, leashes and more to dogs living on the street or living in less than ideal conditions.

How are we doing this?

Dog owners who can't afford dog food, whether they are homeless or going through a hard time financially, often go to food banks and shelters asking for help. Our job is to stock these facilities with all of the dog food and necessities possible! We also do drop-offs directly to the homeless living on the streets with pets.

How can you help?

Your donations go straight to the dogs and their owners! All of the money we raise goes to purchasing pet food, collars, leashes, clothing and more. We will then deliver these items to the organizations and people in need. We hate to see pet necessities sit on a shelf and go to waste, which is why we will also pick up unused items and find them a new home! Click here to donate or email us if you have tangible items you'd like us to pick up.